Basic information | Base Pricing and Ordering Policy

All cakes come with your choice of buttercreams:
Swiss Buttercream — Smooth, light and fluffy! This is a classic buttercream. It is made out of egg whites, sugar, butter and vanilla.
Classic American buttercream — It is a denser texture and sweeter than Swiss buttercream with butter and powder sugar base.                    

Custom decorations are priced based on complexity and size of cake, and are in addition to the base cake prices.   

Custom sculpted 3D cake starts at $10/servings with a minimum order of $500.

A sample of flavors for our cakes
Banana Nutella Cake — four layers banana cake layer with chocolate nutella buttercream
Triple Chocolate Cake — four layers chocolate cake with  chocolate swiss buttercream
Honey and Chai Cake —  four layers spiced cake layer with cinnamon cream cheese buttercream and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar
Lemon Blueberry Cake* — four layers of lemon cake baked in with fresh blueberry and lemon buttercream
Lemon and Cream  — four  layers vanilla cake filled with  lemon pastry cream and lemon cream cheese buttercream
Pumpkin Spice Cake — four layers pumpkin cake layer with soft silky cream cheese buttercream
Red Velvet — Southern vanilla cake with a hint of chocolate layered with soft silky cream cheese buttercream
Strawberry Shortcake* —  vanilla cake layer with strawberry buttercream
Strawberry  and Cream* —  strawberry cake layer with strawberry cream cheese buttercream
Vanilla Vanilla —  four layers of vanilla cake layer with vanilla buttercream
Vanilla Chocolate — four layers of vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream
Chocolate Vanilla — four layers of chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream
Blackbottom Cake — chocolate cake baked in with cream cheese and chocolate chip layered with cream cheese buttercream
German Chocolate Cake* — four layers chocolate cake with chocolate swiss buttercream with creamy coconut-pecan filling and toasted coconut 

Some other cake flavors available by special request

*There is an additional cost for specialty diet cakes, cakes with fresh fruits or gluten free cakes is available upon request. The smallest special diet cake is a 6" round cake. Please notify us at least 1 week in advance for custom cake order.

To view more of our cake designs, visit our Flickr Gallery.