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dessert bar

Photo by Suzi Q (Q Weddings) 2013

Basic information | Ordering policy

Regular Cupcakes

We offer 12 different cupcake varieties daily in our store — 5 daily flavors with 7 rotating daily specials. Each is $3+, and every 11 cupcakes the 12th one is free.  Cupcakes can be filled with frosting/filling with and additional $.50+tax per cupcake.

If you would like a flavor that is not served on that day, we can make that special flavor with a minimum of 12 regular cupcakes. Please refer to our ordering policy page for further information

Mini Cupcakes

We also have mini cupcakes size (minimum order is 1 dz of the same flavor). Each mini cupcake is $1.50 ($18/dz), and each mini filled cupcake is $1.75 ($21/dz) Please choose from the flavors offered that day  (- that you are going to pick up these cupcakes).


Flavor of the Month- available every Thursday and Friday

watermelon margarita!!! - vanilla cake soaked with tequila simple syrup, filled with key lime curd, watermelon buttercream and a pinch of sea salt.

Daily Flavors

Vanilla Vanillared velvetVanilla Chocolate Chip

Triple ChocolateStrawberry Shortcake

  Monday's Menu
chocolate peanut butter


Tuesday Menu

Tuesday’s Cupcake Happy Hour - Cupcakes are $2 each during happy hour (from 5PM to 8 PM) Dine in only.


Wednesday Menu

 choco cookiechoco peanut



Thursday Menu


Friday Menu

Flavor of the Monthcarrot cake



Saturday Menu

honey and chailemon and cream

Dessert Bar