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Photo by Suzi Q (Q Weddings) 2013

Basic information | Ordering policy

Regular Cupcakes

We offer 12 different cupcake varieties daily in our store — 5 daily flavors with 7 rotating daily specials. Each is $3+, and every 11 cupcakes the 12th one is free.  Cupcakes can be filled with frosting/filling with and additional $.50+tax per cupcake.

If you would like a flavor that is not served on that day, we can make that special flavor with a minimum of 12 regular cupcakes. Please refer to our ordering policy page for further information

Mini Cupcakes

We also have mini cupcakes size (minimum order is 1 dz of the same flavor). Each mini cupcake is $1.50 ($18/dz), and each mini filled cupcake is $1.75 ($21/dz) Please choose from the flavors offered that day  (- that you are going to pick up these cupcakes).


Flavor of the Month- available every Thursday and Friday

Chocolate Raspberry Merlot - chocolate cake filled with raspberry merlot oculus, merlot buttercream top with ganache

Vanilla Vanillared velvetVanilla Chocolate Chip

Triple ChocolateStrawberry Shortcake

  Monday's Menu
chocolate peanut butter


Tuesday Menu

Tuesday’s Cupcake Happy Hour - Cupcakes are $2 each during happy hour (from 5PM to 8 PM) Dine in only.


 pumpkin cupcake 


Wednesday Menu

 choco cookiechoco peanut



Thursday Menu


Friday Menu

Flavor of the Month


Saturday Menu

cinnamon sugar cupcakehoney and chai cupcakelemon and cream cupcake

pumpkin cupcakesstrawberry cream cupcaketiramisu cupcake

Dessert Bar